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My story

What You Need to Know

Back in 2015, I was surprisingly diagnosed with a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  Frightened that this point I recalled that one of my close family members dying of cirrhosis because of many years of drug abuse.

Then I was recalling how many beers I had the weekend prior, so immediately I said I don't drink that much? How can I have a fatty liver? My doctor said no there is such a thing as a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which may affect people who drink little to no alcohol and is becoming an epidemic all over the world especially here in the United States and is it estimated that 80 to 100 million people are affected.

Which left unmanaged will cause scarring and sometimes irreversible damage of the liver like cirrhosis, cancer and also the possibility of death. Unknowingly you can operate normally with only 20% of your liver working properly after that point you are immediately faced with the possibility of death.